Smart Tech for Smart Retail

Awiros: our video-analytics platform uses in-store CCTV cameras and other sensors to automatically measure the real-time visibility of products and shelves in a store in a fine-grained manner.

"More Visibility = More Revenue"

Awiros provides actionable metrics such as footfalls in different areas of a store, dwell time at each shelf and overall shopper movement patterns. These metrics are leveraged by stores, manufacturers and marketers to measure conversion rate of products, increase revenue and make better sales forecasting.

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Increased Revenue

Awiros monitors shoppers preferences closely and gives an accurate picture of hot-zones in the store, over different time scales. This information helps in deciding end-cap locations and product placement to boost the sales of most favorable and profitable products.

Improved Sales Forecasting

With the growth of omni-channel retail and increasing retail competition, shoppers tend to explore their options before making a final purchase. Number of shopper visits and dwell time helps in forecasting and planning for overall sales for a product.

Insightful Metrics

Awiros provides a number of actionable metrics at a fine-granularity to help stores and manufacturers gather feedback on "Pricing, Packaging and Placement" of their products. Some of the metrics provided by Awiros are shelf footfall, dwell time at each shelf and conversion rate.

How it Works!

Data Collection with Sensors

Awiros uses a combination of different sensors like motion, IR and Sonar to observe shoppers, and most of the data is extracted from the footage from CCTV cameras typically already installed in stores. We make use of proprietory technology that intelligently coalesces data from different sources to localize a shopper inside a store in with a high degree of precision.

Analytics and Visualization

Awiros' sensors generate a tremendous amount of data that contains a variety of parameters such as footfalls overtime with respect to each product, dwell time at each shelf and the overall movement pattern and occupancy in a store. Our analytics tools process this data to create visual insights such as a heatmap of the store showing regions of the store with maximum footfall, maximum dwell time and/or bottlenecks in shopper movement.

Insights and Recommendations

The data visualising tools of Awiros provide a great deal of information in compact and succint infographics, which is leveraged by our clients in various ways. Morevoer, our analytics team periodically provides actionable insights and recommendations that helps our clients to maximize the footfalls inside the store, improve the product conversion rate, and significantly improve the overall shopper experience inside a store.

Awiros is Awesome!

Awiros provides highly actionable data, metrics and insights into shopper movement, her path selection and preferences, which are useful to various stakeholders invovled in the retail industry.

Manufacuturers and Brands

  • Measures product conversion rate
  • Povides feedback on product pricing,packaging and placement
  • Evaluates efficacy of promotional activities
  • Provides visibility share compared to the competition

Retail Stores

  • Higher Returns per Shelf
  • Better Monetization of Endcaps
  • Improvement in Shopper Experience
  • Improved Sales Forecasting

Marketing Research

  • Quantitative product, category and brand visibility
  • Visibility and sales correlation
  • Shopper traction in different retail channels
  • Overall/long-term trends in shopper behavior and preferences