Awidit Systems started with the idea of developing in-store analytics for offline retail. This idea took seed in June of 2015. After much experimentation and consideration of practical and commercial implications in we narrowed upon ubiquitous CCTV video feed as our data source. With first version of heat maps generated from video we incorporated Awidit Systems in Oct, 2015.
Our company name “Awidit” is based on Hindi/Sanskrit word “Awidit” meaning “hidden from view” or “not evident” which we believe is the closest Hindi term for defining embedded systems.

At Awidit, we are bringing embedded systems based technologies to our everyday life, taking a revolutionary leap from static standalone devices to a connected and cooperating network of smart devices. We are passionate to materialize cutting-edge research in networked embedded systems into commercially successful products.

Our product Awiros, our proprietary video analytics engine, is built using technology based on the latest research carried out at Carnegie Mellon University, USA and University of Porto, Portugal. Awiros crunches video feed from existing legacy surveillance installations and generates frame-by-frame metadata. Over this metadata, various applications and analytics can be developed depending on use-cases.

Today Awiros powers our surveillance product delivering security alerts right onto the smart phones, powers our retail product delivering footfall analytics for internal productivity analysis and fires up enterprise solutions for our valued clients.

Meet the Leadership Team

We are a team of dedicated leaders, with a deep love and passion for innovation

Niranjan Kumar


Jaideep Jaiman



Excited about creating a new industry!

We at Awidit Systems are excited about creating entire new industry, commercializing Video Analytics and delivering a product for the masses. We know it’s a huge challenge and we have appetite to match it. So you are invited to be part of our team if you can dream as big and eat as much. Yes! you need to eat, be a die hard foodie to break into the mould of Awidit Systems.
Join us and be a part of our success. Send your CV at careerAtawiditDotcom.