Remote Asset Monitoring

Crucial infrastructural assets like telecom towers, wind mills, solar power plants, dams, railway tracks and manufacturing facilities are spread into farthest corners of world. These assets are lifeline of human habitation and downtime can strike panic, leaving aside loss in revenue. Hence, maintaining remote assets functional is of prime importance for governments and industry alike. With spread of terrorism and economical turmoil threat to remote assets is higher than ever.

Even if infrastructural assets are not located remotely its difficult and cost prohibitive to secure every square foot round the clock. We have a simpler solution; CCTVs. Our video analytics can put intelligence into CCTV cameras, securing remote assets and installations by delivering live security alerts right onto the control center dashboard.

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Number Plate Recognition

Vehicle License Plates are a rich source of data in today’s integrated world. Once you have the vehicle license plate you can fetch whereabouts of the owner of the vehicle easily from local transport authorities. Not only that since license plate is a unique number it can also be used to map customer visits and shopping trends. Hence, license plates numbers can be used both for logging in visitors as well as to map customer visits.

With advent of better video analytics it is now possible to extract license plate number and integrate them into system of choice. We at Awidit Systems have been able to deliver NPR at stock CCTV cameras, reducing the overall cost of solution. We presently are implementing NPR for our clients for various business cases.

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People Tracking

Investigative analysis of pulling out video feeds from multiple cameras and scanning videos for Person-of-Interest is a tedious process and may take hours. After an event, one would have to first scan videos for suspicious behavior, thereafter tracking multiple individuals across many cameras. It may happen that certain areas are off camera coverage which is specially true in case of wider spaces like entire manufacturing facility or even a city.

We have designed a smart system powered by Awiros Alerts and Smart Maps to deliver assisted Person-of-Interest tracking. While automated people tracking software fail for practical on-field applications our assisted people tracking solution guarantees to make optimum use of human and machine capabilities.

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